“From Biomaterials and Stem Cells to Regenerative Medicine: A Bioengineering Perspective” by Prof. Wen Xuejun
May 5th, 2009

Prof. Wen Xuejun, the Chaired Professor of Institute for Advanced Materials & Nano Biomedicine, delivered an academic report named “From Biomaterials and Stem Cells to Regenerative Medicine: A Bioengineering Perspective” in room 1102, Medical Building, Tongji, in the afternoon of May the 5th.

In the report, Prof. Wen Xuejun gives an incisive interpretation to the significant functions and splendid application prospect of biological materials in the field of regenerative medicine. He expatiates on the medical application of the biological materials in preparation and predicts a broad application prospect for biological materials. The audience includes staff and students from iNANO and Institutes of Medicine, Materials and Life Science, among whom a heated discussion and view exchange about hot issues in biomedical materials researches is carried on. With hope for further academic exchange and cooperation, Prof. Wen is presently seeking partners with mutual academic fever for biomedical materials in Tongji and other well-known colleges.

Prof. Wen is the visiting professor of the Institute for Advanced Materials & Nano Biomedicine, Tongji. He has been given tenure at both Clemson University and Hollings Cancer Center, U.S., and also holds positions as the director of Clemson-MUSC Lab for Regenerative Medicine and the director of MUSC Plastic Surgery Lab. The life work of Prof. Wen, who enjoys fertility in scientific research, concerns the preparation of biological materials and its application in the fields of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and drug delivery. Prof. Wen is also the Editor-in-Chief of “Stem Cell Engineering”, the Guest Editor-in-Chief of “Materials Science and Engineering” and the special jury of several U.S. foundations.

Chinese version: http://news.tongji.edu.cn/show.aspx?id=24279&cid=6
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