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Jian Fei, Ph.D










Jian Fei, Ph.D.

Professor, Deputy Principal, Department of Life science and medicine
Director, Institute of Life Science and Technology
Tongji University, China.
Tel: 86-21-6598-0334








Biographical Sketch

Jian Fei got his Bachelor and Master degrees at  East China University of Science and Technology, and his PhD (1988) at Shanghai Cell Biology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he stayed until 2005 as research trainee, assistant researcher, associate researcher, fellow researcher, and director assistant successively, Afterwards, he was appointed the chair of Model Organism Research Center of the Systems Biology Key Laboratory of the Shanghai Cell Biology Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Jian Fei has conducted many research projects, including the separation and extraction of Penicillin G Acylases and structure-function analysis, enzyme immobilization and enzyme electrode analysis, the cloning of human neurotransmitter transporter genes and structure-function analysis, anti-angiogenic tumor treatment analysis, mouse genetic operation technique, genetically modified technology of Bombyx Mori. He is also the author and co-author of more than 100 journal publications.


pdf Tao Deng, Ying Kuang, Dan Zhang, Long Wang, Ruilin Sun, Guojiang Xu, Zhugang Wang, Jian Fei; Disruption of imprinting and aberrant embryo development in completely inbred embryonic stem cell-derived mice.; Development, Growth and Differentiation; 49; 603-610; 2007

pdfGang Zhao, Sheng Li, Guo-Wei Qin, Jian Fei, Li-He Guo, Inhibitive effects of Fructus Psoraleae extract on dopamine transporter and noradrenaline transporter, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 112, 498-506,2007

pdfYing Zhang, Wei Wang, Yubing Xie, Weiting Yu, Huaining Teng, Xiudong Liu, Xulang Zhang, Xin Guo, Jian Fei, Xiaojun Ma. Human Gene Therapy. May 2007, 18(5): 474-481

pdfShen P, Niu G, Yao M, Wang H, Fei J. Studying on the 19-bp Palindrome Repeats in Human Cytomegalovirus Immediate Early Enhancer/Promoter Reveals their Diversity in Function for the Promoter Activity. J Biochem 2007; 142(1):25-31.

pdfGuo-Xiang LIU, Shuai LIU, Guo-Qiang CAI, Zhe-Jing SHENG, You-Qing CAI, Jie JIANG, Xia SUN, Sun-Kai MA, Long WANG, Zhu-Gang WANG, Jian FEI* Reduced Aggression in Mice Lacking GABA Transporter Subtype 1. (2007) J Neurosci Res. 85(3):649-655

pdfYang Y, Liu Y, Dong X, Kuang Y, Lin J, Su X, Peng L, Jin Q, He Y, Liu B, Pan Z, Li L, Zhu Q, Lin X, Zhou Q, Pan Q, Eurlings PM, Fei J, Wang Z, Chen YH. Human KCNQ1 S140G mutation is associated with atrioventricular blocks. Heart Rhythm. 2007 May;4(5):611-8.


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