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Qingsheng Wu, Ph.D.

Professor, Chemistry, Tongji University, China.





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  1. Qingsheng Wu*, et al., One-step synthesis of iron-oxide-loaded functionalized carbon spheres, Carbon, 2009, 47(11): 2648-2654
  2. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., Preparation of Ferrocene Nanocrystals by the Ultrasonic- Solvent-Substitution Method and Their Electrochemical Properties´╝îSmall, 2007, 3(4): 644-649.
  3. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., Assembled Synthesis and Phase Transition of Pseudo- vaterite NdBO3 Layer-by-Layer Single Crystal Nanopancakes via an Oxides- Hydrothermal Route, Crystal Growth & Design, 2007, 7(8): 1553-1560.
  4. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., TiO2 Controlling Photoluminescence of AWO4 (A=Ca,Sr,Ba) Nanofilms, Applied Physics Letters, 2006, 89 (4): 043112
  5. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., Simultaneous Synthesis of Dendritic Superstructural and Fractal Crystals of BaCrO4 by Vegetal Bi-templates, Crystal Growth & Design, 2006, 6(3): 769-773.
  6. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., Nanostructures of Ni and NiCo amorphous alloys synthesized by a double composite template approach; The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113(15): 5960-5966.
  7. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., Controlled Synthesis of Different Morphologies BaWO4 Crystals through Biomembrane/Organic- addition Supramolecule Templates, Crystal Growth & Design, 2005, 5(2): 445-449.
  8. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., Synergistic antibacterial effects of beta-lactam antibiotic combined with silver nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, 2005, 16(9): 1912-1917.
  9. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., Abnormal Polymorph Conversion of Calcium Carbonate and Nano-self-assembly of Vaterite by Supported Liquid Membrane System, Crystal Growth & Design, 2004, 4(4): 717-720.
  10. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., Living bio-membrane bi-template route for simultaneous synthesis of lead selenide nanorods and nanotubes, Nanotechnology, 2004, 15(12): 1877-1881.
  11. Qing-Sheng Wu*, et al., Preparation of nanosized semiconductor CdS particles by emulsion liquid membrane with o-phenanthroline as mobile carrier, Journal of Membrane Science, 2000, 172(1-2): 199-201.

Hongting Pu, Ph.D Yan Chen, Ph.D Mu Gu, Ph.D Guotong Xu, Ph.D Pengyuan Yang, Ph.D Jian Fei, Ph.D Donglu Shi, Ph.D

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