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Zhuoquan Li M.D. MBBS Teacher

The Institute for Biomedical Engineering & Nano Science(iNANO)
Tongji University
School of Medical(TUSM)
The Institute for Translational Nanomedicine East Hospital
Address:67 Chifeng Rd. Shanghai, 200092, P.R. China


Zhuoquan Li


2006.07 M.D. Medical School of Tongji University, Shanghai, China
2009.07 M.S. Medical School of Tongji University, Shanghai, China


2014, Sep.~ The class teacher of 2014 MBBS, Medical school of Tongji University.
2013. Mar. ~ Practicing physician
2009, May~ Supervisor of Nanoimage Ceter and Biomedical Laboratory in The Institute for Advanced Materials & Nano Biomedicine (iNANO), Tongji University

Biographical Sketch

An integrated person studying in Tongji University for master degree. More than 8 years lab experience, at least 2 years clinical medicine learning and working. A broad range of work experiences in team building processes establishment and improvement, particularly for communication and Bio-medicine. Skilled in customer oriented communication and coordination.


Journal Papers
瞿小英,李胜蓝,李卓权. 基于近红外荧光蛋白的细菌体内成像研究[J]. 同济大学学报(医学版),2013,02:40-42.
, 郭超, 孙贝贝, 石红军, 张敬, 张军, 2011/6/15, 慢病毒介导siRNA干扰Sez6对小鼠小脑浦肯野细胞发育的影响, 同济大学学报(医学版), pp 7-10.
Dong, Haiqing, *Li, Yongyong, Wen, Huiyun, Xu, Meng, Liu, Lijian, Li, Zhuoquan, Guo, Fangfang, Shi, Donglu, 2011/3/16, Highly Efficient Drug Delivery Nanosystem via L-Phenylalanine Triggering Based on Supramolecular Polymer Micelles, MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS, 32(6), pp 540-545 (SCI, IF=4.5960(2011), Citation=1)
*Zhang, Bingbo, Chen, Bingdi, Wang, Yilong, Guo, Fangfang, Li, Zhuoquan, Shi, Donglu, 2011/1/15, Preparation of highly fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles for analytes-enrichment and subsequent biodetection, JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, 353(2), pp 426-432 (SCI, IF=3.0700(2011), Citation=6)
*Lin, Chao, Zhao, Peng, Li, Fang, Guo, Fangfang, Li, Zhuoquan, Wen, Xuejun, 2010/10/12, Thermosensitive in situ-forming dextran-pluronic hydrogels through Michael addition, MATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING C-MATERIALS FOR BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS, 30(8), pp 1236-1244 (SCI, IF=2.6860(2011), Citation=1)
Zhang Bing-Bo, Gong Xiao-Qun, Li Zhuo-Quan, Guo Fang-Fang, Cai Shao-Yu, Kong Ji-Lie, Yang Qiu-Hua, Ma Hao, Chang Jin, Shi Dong-Lu, 2010/5/10, Preparation of Gd-III/Quantum Dots Multimodal Imaging Probes for Disease Diagnosis, CHEMICAL JOURNAL OF CHINESE UNIVERSITIES-CHINESE, 31(5), pp 982-985 (SCI, IF=0.6190(2011), Citation=1)
张兵波, 宫晓群, 李卓权, 郭方方, 蔡少瑜, 孔继烈, 杨秋花, 马浩, 常津, 时东陆, 2010/5/10, 用于疾病诊断的Gd~Ⅲ/量子点多模态成像探针的构建, 高等学校化学学报, (05), (SCI)
张敬, 张军, 石红军, 李卓权, 郭超, 郭俊生, 2004/9/15, 茶多酚对染镍细胞脂质过氧化及DNA损伤的影响, 食品科学, pp 166-169
张军, 张敬, 石红军, 李卓权, 郭超, 2004/6/30, 茶多酚抑制镍诱导的人肺成纤维细胞的DNA损伤
张敬, 张军, 石红军, 李卓权, 郭超, 汪丽丽, 2004/6/30, 硒抑制镍诱导的人肺成纤维细胞的DNA损伤, 同济大学学报(医学版), pp 189-191
张军, 张敬, 石红军, 黄小波, 郭超, 李卓权, 2004/4/30, 茶多酚对紫外线引起的DNA损伤的保护作用, 同济大学学报(医学版), pp 91-92+97
张军, 张敬, 石红军, 黄小波, 王昆仑, 郭超, 李卓权, 2003/8/10, 硒和维生素E对紫外线引起DNA损伤的保护作用, 中国公共卫生, pp 33-34

Conference Paper
李卓权, 张军, 2009/7/5, 慢病毒介导RNA干扰Sez6对小鼠小脑切片培养蒲肯野细胞发育影响, 第十一届中国细胞生物学学术大会暨2009西安细胞生物学国际会议, p 192, 中国陕西西安

李卓权, 吴国良, 夏伟, 李艳, 赵鹏, 郭方方, 时东陆, 2014/1/29, 一种生物工程体外循环系统, CN 102234612 B
  李卓权, 林耀忠.  一种偶联穿膜肽和MMP酶切位点的纳米颗粒 - 201410024010.9
  李卓权. 一种用于单细胞胶电泳实验的新型基片 - 201410149239.5


*In my photograph, the Red Point between the eyebrows is a kind of auspicious blessings from my India students. The Pigments on my face is a kind of good wishes from my African students. Thank for their best.

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