iNANO Introduction


The Institute for Biomedical Engineering & Nano Science (iNANO), Tongji University School of Medicine, serves as a Tongji University center for frontier research in emerging nanomaterials and their applications in biomedicine, bio-energy, and green technology. The main research focuses on the design of new nanostructures, nano-bio interface behaviors with computer simulation and modeling, novel synthesis mechanisms of nanomaterials, and development of intelligent nano systems for biomedical diagnosis and therapy. The research activities are divided into the following directions:
(1) Intelligent nano systems for medical diagnosis and treatment including cell targeting, drug storage and controlled delivery, in vivo imaging, photodynamic and photothermal therapy, bio-probes for instant and quantitative virus detection, environmental monitoring, and nano safety;
(2) Biomaterials, soft matter, issue engineering, and stem-cell based regenerative medicine and therapy;
(3) Bio-energy and green technology, with emphasis on portable and flexible solar cell devices, novel bio-energy storage methods, and special nanomaterials for energy conservation.

Translational medicine is the major emphasis of iNANO. The faculty members are encouraged to closely collaborate with the clinical physicians in solving some of the challenging problems in medicine.

To encourage interdisciplinary research, iNANO is now administratively a division of the Tongji University School of Medicine. To further facilitate translational medicine research, iNANO is also affiliated with Shanghai East Hospital for clinical research.

iNANO houses the state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories for research in materials, physics, chemistry, biomedicine, and engineering. iNANO is an international laboratory that attracts researchers from the world for collaborations. It also provides an excellent platform for training students and postdoctoral scientists in many frontier fields.

The Institute for Biomedical Engineering & Nano Science (iNANO),
Tongji University School of Medicine
Tongji University, 67 Chifeng Road, Shanghai, 200092, China
Tel: +86-021-65988029    Email: inano@tongji.edu.cn

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