The Second Tongji Materials Science Development Salon Held
Apr. 21, 2009

The Second Tongji Materials Science Development Salon sponsored by iNANO was held on April 21st , with attendance by President Pei Gang, deans and subject leaders from institutes of Materials Science, Chemical Technology, Life Science, Medicine and Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as staff of Institute for Advanced Materials and Nano Biomedicine.

Prof. Shi, gives a brief introduction to the iNANO goals, its academic positioning and management style. He also presents to the attendees the current progress of iNANO’s recruitment, academic development, and project planning. Dr. Yang Jinhu and his two fellow Principle Investigators of iNANO expatriate on the research field of each group. President Pei Gang speaks favorably of the research directions identified by iNANO, i.e. nano medicine and energy materials, and encourages any breakthroughs brought in by the combination of current works and earlier basic researches. He also exchanges views with participants on a series of topics covering iNANO positioning, research fields and its complementary cooperation with other institutes to jointly foster Tongji’s materials science.

Participants also, with great interest, tour the iNANO’s newly established laboratories and administration area.

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