Tongji University Nano Biomedicine Center: Seminar Series Opening
Jun 18th, 2009

The first activity of a seminar series themed as “Tongji University Nano Biomedicine Center” was held in iNANO’s conference room on 18th June. The seminar is sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Materials and Nano Biomedicine (iNANO) and guests include faculty members from Institute of Nutrition Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and fellow Tongji professors from Institutes of Medicine, Life Science and Materials.

Dr. Xu Jun, a Chaired Professor of the Tongji Medical College, and Dr. Zhang Binbo from iNANO present their recent research progresses on two academic issues concerning stem cells & neurology and the fluorescence on quantum dots nanoparticles respectively. Medical researchers discuss with enthusiasm about the fluorescence characteristics of quantum dots and its mechanism and toxicity on biological molecules. The seminar anticipates a bright future for nanotechnology and nanostructured materials as novel approaches to the life science researches. By an animated short film, Prof. Shi Donglu demonstrates a nanotechnology based design, preparation and biological application of a multi-functional nanostructure—a nano-submarine with particle diameter of about 100 nano--,which could be employed in the targeting, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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