Chairman of the Physics Department, Boston College, Prof. Michael J. Naughton at Tongji for Academic Visit

On 19 th Nov., Prof. Michael J. Naughton, Chairman of Physics Department, Boston College, came to iNANO for academic visit and delivered an insightful presentation on nano science and its applications in nano biomedicine. This report presents, from a physics point of view, the research of the construction of biochemical sensor, thus appeals to a number of student audiences from the Institute of Aviation and Astronavigation Power and the Department of Physics.

Prof. Naughton began his report with the history of universities, and taking the basic research-related physical conceptions as clue. He elaborated on the design and preparation of nano devices; and the realization of their functions as biological or chemical sensors. Prof. Naughton’s unique interpretation of and progressive approach to the critical scientific issues from different perspectives greatly inspires the audience and also unfolds the beauty of nanoscience as an inter-discipline of many mingled and intersected subjects. Faculty and students with physical, chemical and biological academic backgrounds all benefit significantly from Prof. Naughton’s report.

During the seminar, Prof. Naughton had stimulating discussions with the audience, and took group photos with iNANO academic staff and students.

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