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Bingbo Zhang, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
The Institute for Advanced Materials & Nano Biomedicine
Tongji University
Address:67 Chifeng Rd. Shanghai, 200092, P.R. China



09/2006- 03/2009 Ph. D,Polymeric materials,Tianjin University

09/2004-07/2006 M.S.,Polymeric materials,Tianjin University

09/2000-07/2004 B.S.,Polymeric materials,Soochow University


 1. Molecular Diagnostics based on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
The integration of nanotechnology with biology and medicine is expected to produce major advances in molecular diagnostics. We specialise in design and synthesis of functional nanomaterials, including multi-color quantum dots, rare-earth up-conversion nanoparticles, fluorescent gold nanoclusters, magnetic nanoparticles and metallic nanoparticles. Such nanomaterials can be used as specific bioprobes in the field of molecular diagnostics after labeled with specific ligands (antibody, peptide, DNA, oligonucleotides, aptamer, etc).

2. In vivo Molecular Imaging based on Novel Contrast Agents The in vivo imaging can be enhanced through the injected contrast agents (CAs). We focus on the design and preparation of novel CAs, including fluorescent probes, MRI CAs, CT CAs, and their multimodal CAs, according to the principles of biocompatibility, fine pharmacokinetics, targeting and clinical feasibility.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Bingbo Zhang received his Ph. D in polymeric materials from the School of Material Science and Engineering, Tianjin University in 2009. His Ph. D dissertation mainly focused on the nanomaterials and nanotechnology in the filed of biomedical detection. He joined faculty at The Institute for Biomedical Engineering & Nano Science, Tongji University, Shanghai, in 2009. Dr. Zhang has published over 30 refereed papers in international journals with an H-index 13 (June, 2015). His research program is focused on biomedical nanotechnology, biomolecular engineering, molecular imaging, and In vitro molecular diagnostic (IVD). He is a recipient of the “Tongji university talent plan” Award, a member of the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) and Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology (CSMNT). He is also an elected committee member of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering (CSBE) - Branch of Nano medicine and engineering.


1. Bingbo Zhang# (共同第一作者), Wei Yan#, Yanjing Zhu, Weitao Yang, Wenjun Le, Bingdi Chen*, Rongrong Zhu*, Liming Cheng*, Nanomaterials in Neural‐Stem‐Cell‐Mediated Regenerative Medicine: Imaging and Treatment of Neurological Diseases. Advanced Materials2018, 30(17), 1705694. IF: 21.9 邀请综述
2. Jun Wang, Jinlei Li, Jiani Yu, Hongwu Zhang, Bingbo Zhang*(通讯作者), Large Hollow Cavity Luminous Nanoparticles with Near-Infrared Persistent Luminescence and Tunable Sizes for Tumor Afterglow Imaging and Chemo-/Photodynamic Therapies. ACS Nano2018, 12(5), 4246-4258.  IF: 13.7 封面文章
3.  Weitao Yang, Xiudong Shi, Yuxin Shi, Defan Yao, Shizhen Chen, Xin Zhou, Bingbo Zhang*(通讯作者), Beyond the Roles in Biomimetic Chemistry: An Insight into the Intrinsic Catalytic Activity of an Enzyme for Tumor-Selective Phototheranostics. ACS Nano2018, 12, 12169-12180. IF:13.7 副封面文章
4.  Qian Zhao, Jiafang Piao, Weipan Peng, Jun Wang, Weichen Gao, Xiaoli Wu, Hanjie Wang, Xiaoqun Gong*, Jin Chang*, Bingbo Zhang*(共同通讯作者), A Metal Chelator as a Plasmonic Signal‐Generation Superregulator for Ultrasensitive Colorimetric Bioassays of Disease Biomarkers. Advanced Science2018, 5, 1800295. IF: 12.4
5.  Weitao Yang, Xiaoli Wu, Yan Dou, Jin Chang*, Chenyang Xiang, Jiani Yu, Jun Wang, Xiuli Wang, Bingbo Zhang*(共同通讯作者), A human endogenous protein exerts multi-role biomimetic chemistry in synthesis of paramagnetic gold nanostructures for tumor bimodal imaging. Biomaterials2018, 161, 256-269. IF: 8.8
6.  Jiefei Wang, Yong Zhong, Xiao Wang, Weitao Yang, Feng Bai*, Bingbo Zhang*(共同通讯作者), Leanne Alarid, Kaifu Bian, Hongyou Fan*, pH-Dependent Assembly of Porphyrin-Silica Nanocomposites and Their Application in Targeted Photodynamic Therapy. Nano Letters2017, 17(11), 6916–6921. IF: 12.08
7.  Weitao Yang, Weisheng Guo, Jin Chang*, Bingbo Zhang*(共同通讯作者), Protein/peptide-templated biomimetic synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles for biomedical applications. Journal of Materials Chemistry B,2017, 5(3), 401-417. IF: 4.8 封底文章
8.  Weitao Yang, Weisheng Guo, Wenjun Le, Guoxian Lv, Fuhe Zhang, Lei Shi, Xiuli Wang, Jun Wang, Sheng Wang, Jin Chang*, Bingbo Zhang*(共同通讯作者), Albumin-Bioinspired Gd:CuS Nanotheranostic Agent for In Vivo Photoacoustic/Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Tumor-Targeted Photothermal Therapy. ACS Nano2016, 10(11), 10245-10257. IF: 13.7  1% ESI 高被引论文
9. Xiaohong Xing, Bingbo Zhang*(共同通讯作者), Xiaohui Wang, Fengjun Liu, Donglu Shi, Yingsheng Cheng*, An "imaging-biopsy" strategy for colorectal tumor reconfirmation by multipurpose paramagnetic quantum dots.Biomaterials2015, 48, 16-25. IF: 8.8
10.  Yan Li, Zhe Li, Xiaohui Wang, Fengjun Liu, Yingsheng Cheng, Bingbo Zhang*(通讯作者), Donglu Shi, In Vivo Cancer Targeting and Imaging-Guided Surgery with Near Infrared-Emitting Quantum Dot Bioconjugates.Theranostics2012, 2(8), 769-776. IF: 8.5

Conference Proceedings
1. Nano Imaging: From Probe Design, Synthesis to Translational Medical Applications, 2015 International Molecular Imaging Summit, Xiamen, China, Oct.2015.(Oral Presentation)
2. Protein/Peptide-Mediated Biomineralization of Nanoprobes for Biomedical Theranostics, Academic Seminar on the Establishment of Nano Medicine and Engineering Branch in Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering (CSBE), Suzhou, China, July, 2015.(Oral Presentation)
3. Gadolinium‐Functionalized Quantum Trigons for Targeted Tumor MR Imaging and Molecular Profiling, The 8th International Conference on Advanced Materials Processing, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, July, 2014. (Oral Presentation)
4. Nano-based Magnetic Resonance Imaging: From the Probe Preparation, Surface Modification to the Tumor Imaging, The Sixth National Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Technology and its Application Workshop, Hangzhou, China, Oct. 2014.(Oral Presentation)
5. A Novel MRI/Fluorescent Bimodal Nanoprobe for Pancreatic Cancer Detection, The 14th Chinese Biomaterials Congress, Xi’an, China, Sept. 2013.(Oral Presentation)


The Institute for Advanced Materials and Nano Biomedicine (iNANO),
Tongji University, 67 Chifeng Road, Shanghai, 200092, China
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