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Chao Lin, Ph.D.
Peng Zhao, Ph.D. Jinhu Yang, Ph.D.
Fangfang Guo, Ph.D.
Yilong Wang, Ph.D.
Yongyong Li, Ph.D.


Haiqing Dong, Ph.D

Associate Research Scientist
Supervisor for M. S. & Ph.D; Recruits students specialized in chemistry, biology or biomaterials science.
The Institute for Biomedical Engineering & Nano Science
Tongji University
Address:67 Chifeng Rd. Shanghai, 200092, P.R. China



2013~      Associate Research Scientist, The Institute for Biomedical Engineering & Nano Science, Tongji Univ. School of Medicine
2011~2013  Associate Research Scientist, Advanced Institute of Translational Medicine, Tongji Univ
2009~2011  Postdoc, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tongji Univ.

Research Intrest

  1. Construction of nanovaccine and multifunctional nanomaterials in application of tumor therapy.
  2. Immune cell carriers in tumor targeting and therapy.
  3. Biomedical polymers and supramolecular self-assembly in biomedical and biotechnology applications.


2018~2021 year: NSFC (31771090): New strategy for enhancing tumor targeting: photothermal nanovaccinology mediate leukocyte chemotactic enrichment.
2017-2020 year: Shanghai Natural Science Foundation (17ZR1432100): Overcome immune tolerance via nano-assembly technology.
2016-2017 year: Young talent development program in Tongji Univ. (20160115): Engineering of nanovaccine and investigation on immune effect.
2015-2017 year: NSFC (Sub-project 81470390): Mechanistic studies of therapeutic effects of a novel dual-target nanolized miRNA-204 on myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury.
2012-2015 year: ShangHai "ChenGuang Program"(12CG17): Construction of stimulus-responsive nano-drug carriers based on host-guest chemistry
2012~2014 year: NSFC (21104059): New strategy for construction of supramolecular polymer micelles and their controlled drug delivery research.


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The Institute for Advanced Materials and Nano Biomedicine (iNANO),
Tongji University, 67 Chifeng Road, Shanghai, 200092, China
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