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Pengyuan Yang, Ph.D.

Professor, Chemistry, Fudan University, China.
Tel: 86-21-65642009 Fax: 86-21-65641740


1989, PostDoc, Indiana University at Bloomingto, IN, USA
1987, Ph.D ,University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA, USA
1981, MS ,Science and Technology University of China
1975, Undergraduate ,Inner Mongolian University, China


•01/08-   Deputy Director of Institutes of Biomedical Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai, China



Biographical Sketch

Dr. PengyuanYang, got his Bachelor in Chemistry at Inner-Monguliar University major in Chemistry; Master Degree at Science and Technology University of China, under supervision of Prof. Zheming Ni; Ph D at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst under supervision of Prof. RM Barns, both degrees in Analytical Chemistry. He was Postdoctoral Fellow in Indiana University at Bloomiongton under Prof. GM Hieftje, and in Xiamen University under Prof. Benli Huang. He is currently the Deputy Director of Institutes of BioMedical Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai China.

Dr. Pengyuan Yang holds the position of Vice-President of China HUPO, and is the member of editorial board of Proteomics. He pecializes in Mass-Spectrometry based technology and methodology, and is very active in the fields of bio-mass spectrometry, proteomics and bio-application of nano-materials, especially in the field of Biomass Spectrometry and its application in Proteomics and in cancer studies. He has been the Principal Scientist for National 973 Project of “Proteomics for Disease Study”, and is now the Principal Scientist for 973 Project of “Microfluidics”, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

He has published a number of scientific papers on many important journals, including Adv Mater, Angrew Chem Int Ed., Anal Chem, Proteomics, J Res Proteome, Mass Spectrom Rev, RCM, Sctromchim Acta B, Anal Chim Acta, Analyst, Chem Comm, Bioanal Chem.


Weitao Jia, HuixiaWu, Haojie Lu, Na Li, Yang Zhang, Ruifang Cai1 and Pengyuan Yang* , “ Rapid and automatic on-plate desalting protocol for MALDI-MS: Using imprinted hydrophobic polymer template ”, Proteomics , 7, 2497–2506

Huiling Wu, Yuping Tian, Baohong Liu, Haojie Lu, Xiaoyan Wang, Jianjun Zhai, Hong Jin, Pengyuang Yang,*, Yunmin Xu, and Honghai Wang , “ Titania and Alumina Sol-Gel-Derived Microfluidics Enzymatic-Reactors for Peptide Mapping: Design, Characterization, and Performance ”, J Proteome Research , 2004,3 (6): 1201-1209.

Yanling Yu, Jiefeng Cui, Xiaoyan Wang, Yinkun Liu*, Pengyuan Yang* , “ Studies on peptides acetylation of stable-isotope labeling after 1-D PAGE separation for quantitative proteomics ”, Proteomics , 4(10) 3112-3120

Zhang YH, Wang XY, Shan W, Wu BY, Fan HZ, Yu XJ, Tang Y*, Yang PY* , “ Enrichment of Low-Abundant Peptides/Proteins on Zeolite Nanocrystals for Direct MALDI-TOF-MS Analysis** ”, Angew Chem Int Ed , 44,615-617.

Jia WT, Chen XH, Lu HJ*, Yang PY* , “ CaCO3-poly(methyl methacrylate) nanoparticles for fast enrichment of low-abundance peptides followed by CaCO3-core removal for MALDI-TOF MS analysis ”, Angrew Chem Int Ed , 45 (20): 3345-3349

Fang Xu, Yajun Wang, Xingdong Wang, Yahong Zhang, Yi Tang*, Pengyuan Yang* , “ A novel sorbent of hierarchical nanozeolite composite for protein separation in immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography ”, Adv Mater , 2003, 20, 15.

Yahong Zhang, Xijuan Yu, Xiaoyan Wang, Wei Shan, Pengyuan Yang* and Yi Tang* , “ Zeolite nanoparticles with immobilized metal ion: isolation and MALDI-TOF-MS/MS identification of phosphopeptides ”, Chem Comm , (24): 2882-2883

Huiling Wu, Yuping Tian, Haojie Lu, Xiaoyan Wang, Weitao Jia, Baohong Liu, Pengyuang Yang*, Yunmin Xu and Honghai Wang , “ New Microfluidic Enzymatic-reactors for Peptide Mapping: Strategy, Characterization, and Performance ”, Lab on Chip , 4 (6): 588-597

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