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Yao Qin,Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist
The Institute for Advanced Materials & Nano Biomedicine
Tongji University
Address:67 Chifeng Rd. Shanghai, 200092, P.R. China



2009  Ph.D,Physical Chemistry, Peking University

2004 B.S., Applied Chemistry, Shandong University

2009- Faculty Member of The Institute for Advanced Materials & Nano Biomedicine, Tongji University

2005– present Research Assistant in Colloid and interface lab, Peking University  

2005– 2006 Teaching Assistant in Physical Chemistry Experiment lab,
Peking University  

2003-3004 Research Assistant in Colloid Chemistry lab, Shan Dong University  

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Yao Qin’s research interest lies in synthesizing inorganic materials with novel morphology and structures using Ionic liquids and exploring the special functions of ionic liquids in these synthesis systems. And she’s especially concerned with functional nanomaterials and their applications in energy and biomedicine area such as fuel cell, single-molecule detection and photothermal treatment.


[1]Yao Qin, Feng Zhang, YanjieZhou,Anwei Zhu, Yongping, Luo, Yang Tian* and Jinhu Yang*, “Hierarchically Porous CuO Hollow Spheres Fabricated via a One-pot Template-free Method for High Performance Gas Sensors” J. Phys. Chem. C 2012 ,116,11994 (IF:4.805)
[2]Chengxin Peng, Bingdi Chen, Yao Qin, Shihe Yang, Siyang Liu and Jinhu Yang*,"Facile ultrasonic synthesis of CoO quantum dot/Graphene nanosheet composites with high lithium storage capacity". ACS Nano 2012, 6, 1074 (IF:10.774)
[3] Yao Qin, Limin Qi*; “Ionic Liquid-Assisted Synthesis of Thorned Gold Plates Comprising Three-Branched Nanotip Arrays” Chem. Commun.2011, 47, 2985 (IF:6.169)
[4] Yao Qin, Renchao Che*, Chongyun Liang, Jie Zhang and Zhiwei Wen; “Synthesis of Au and Au-CuO Cubic Microcages via In Situ Sacrificial Template Approach” J. Mater. Chem. 2011, 21,3960 (IF:5.968)
[5] Yuzhu Jiao, Chengxin Peng, Fangfang Guo, Zhihao Bao, Jinhu Yang*, Lukas Schmidt-Mende, Yao Qin*. and Zifeng Deng, “Facile Synthesis and Photocatalysis of Size-distributed TiO2 Hollow Spheres Consisting of {116} Plane-oriented Nanocrystallites”. J. Phys. Chem. C 2011, 115,6405 (IF::4.805)
[6] Feng Zhang, Anwei Zhu, Yongping Luo, Yang Tian*, Jinghu Yang, and Yao Qin* “CuO Nanosheets for Sensitive and Selective Determination of H2S with High Recovery Ability” J. Phys. Chem. C 2010, 114,19214 (IF:4.805)
[7] Yao Qin, Yin Song, Nijuan Sun, Nana Zhao, Meixian Li, and Limin Qi*; “Ionic Liquid-Assisted Growth of Single-Crystalline Dendritic Gold Nanostructures with a Three-Fold Symmetry”; Chem. Mater. 2008, 20, 3965 (IF:7.286)
[8] Lianshan Li, Nijuan Sun, Youyuan Huang, Yao Qin, Nana Zhao, Jining Gao, Meixian Li, Henghui Zhou, and Limin Qi*; “Topotactic Transformation of Single-Crystalline Precursor Discs into Disc-Like Bi2S3 Nanorod Networks” Adv. Funct. Mater. 2008, 18, 1194(IF:10.179)
[9] Nana Zhao, Yang Wei, Nijuan Sun, Jingwei Bai, Longping Zhou, Yao Qin, Meixian Li and Limin Qi, “Controlled Synthesis of Gold Nanobelts and Nanocombs in Aqueous Mixed Surfactant Solutions”, Langmuir, 2008,24, 991(IF:4.186)
[10] Jingwei Bai, Yao Qin, Chengyang Jiang, and Limin Qi*; “Polymer-Controlled Synthesis of Silver Nanobelts and Hierarchical Nanocolumns”; Chem. Mater. 2007, 19, 3367 (IF:7.286)


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