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Zhihao Bao , Ph.D.

Specially-Appointed Professor
Tongji University
Address´╝Ü67 Chifeng Rd. Shanghai, 200092, P.R. China


2008 Ph.D., Materials Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
2002 M.S., Physics, Nanjing University
1999 B.A., Physics, Nanjing University

Postdoctoral Scientist, nGimat Co.  (2008-2009)

2007 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad

Zhihao Bao received his doctor degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2008.  His dissertation focused on the processing of inorganic materials by combining biological and chemical methods. Before join iNANO, he worked at nGimat Co. as a principal investigator of a program on the transparent ceramics.  Dr. Bao has published over 10 papers in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Adv. Mater. and Chem. Comm., and applied for 3 national and international patents. His current interests include self-assembly of nano-structured materials and nano materials related to energy applications.

Zhihao Bao, Eric M. Ernst , Sehoon Yoo , Kenneth H. Sandhage, “Syntheses of   Porous Self-Supporting Metal-Nanoparticle Assemblies with 3D Morphologies Inherited from Biosilica Templates (Diatom Frustules),” Advanced Materials (2009) 21, 474-478

Robert F. Shepherd, Priyadarshi Panda, Zhihao Bao, Kenneth H. Sandhage, T. Alan Hatton, Jennifer A. Lewis, Patrick S. Doyle, “Stop-flow lithography of colloidal, glass, and silicon microcomponents,” Advanced Materials (with cover), (2008)20, 4734-4739.

Zhihao Bao, Michael R. Weatherspoon, Samuel Shian, Ye Cai, Phillip D. Graham, Shawn M. Allan, Gul Ahmad, Matthew B. Dickerson, Benjamin C. Church, Zhitao Kang, Harry W. Abernathy III, Christopher J. Summers, Meilin Liu and Kenneth H. Sandhage, “Chemical reduction of three-dimensional silica micro-assemblies into microporous silicon replicas,” Nature(2007), 446(7132), 172-175.

U. Kusari, Z. Bao, Y. Cai, G. Ahmad, K. H. Sandhage  and L. G. Sneddon, “Formation of nanostructured, nanocrystalline boron nitride microparticles with diatom-derived 3-D shapes,” Chemical Communications (2007)11, 1177-1179


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