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Dr. Wen's Nanomedicine Laboratory Dr. Donglu Shi’s Laboratory


(1) Nanocarriers for drug delivery

Yongyong Li, Haiqing Dong, Yao Qin and Lifeng Qi

(2) Controlled nucleic acid delivery

Chao Lin

(3) Nanoimaging

Bingbo Zhang and Lifeng Qi

(4) Nanobiotechnolgy

Bingbo Zhang, Yilong Wang and Yongyong Li

(5) Tissue engineering

Peng Zhao, Yongyong Li, Haiqing Dong and Lifeng Qi




(1) Novel Structure/architecture designs for Solar cells

Jinhu Yang and Yao Qin

(2) Design, synthesis and assembly of novel nano-structured materials for ennergy,enviromental and biological applications

Jinhu Yang and Yao Qin


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