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Chemistry Syntheses of Mono-disperse Nanocrystals and Their Applications in Catalysis and Magnetic Materials

Time: 10:00-11:00AM,

Date: Mar. 26th, 2013
Location: Room 219, Shi Xun Building , Tongji South Campus ( 67 Chifeng Road )
Reporter: 刘毅 博士(Postdoctoral Researcher, Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
Mono-disperse nanocrystals (NCs) currently attract intense research interests because of the novel properties induced by their size, shape, composition and structure. Recent advances in high temperature organic phase synthesis have led to various high quality NCs. I have worked on syntheses of the mono-disperse NCs and investigated their applications in fields of catalysis and magnetic materials. In this talk, I will focus on my experience in developing novel and facile syntheses for various NCs. I will first introduce the principal guideline for a successful synthesis and the general experimental set-ups. Some factors, such as synthesis routes, reagents, and surfactants et al, are found to play key roles in the synthesis. A few representative NCs syntheses will be discussed in detail to illustrate how the controls over composition, size, shape, and surface structure were achieved through tuning the synthesis conditions. Syntheses of PdxPty nanoparticles (NPs), Pt3Sn NPs, Fe3BO5 nanorods (NRs), Co NRs, Pd NPs et al will be presented as examples. Along with the syntheses, I will talk about their applications as fuel cell catalysts and magnetic materials.
Yi Liu was born in Jiangsu, China in year 1983. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Nanjing University in 2004; then a Master of Science in Polymer Technology from Eastern Michigan University in 2007. Between 2007-2011, she did Ph.D. research under the guideline of Professor Shouheng Sun at Brown University. After graduation, she did one year Post-Doctoral research at Argonne Nation Laboratory. Her research focuses were syntheses of monodisperse nanoparticles for applications in catalysis and high density magnetic energy storage.
Host: 黄佳 教授

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