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The 1st SEMINAR of iNANO
The 1st SEMINAR of this semester will be held on April 18 ,2013 ( Thursday)at 13:30---14:30,the program as following:
13:30--14:00 SEMINAR 1
Speaker:Xiaohui Wang(王小会)
Title: Synthesis and Application of Targeted Multifunctional probe in Pancreatic Cancer
Abstract:Recent developments of the nanomedicine with capabilities of tumor imaging and delivery of therapeutic agents have shown a great advantage in the detection and treatment of tumor at the cellular and molecular levels. In this study, superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) are developed by a unique synthesis route. Upon conjugation with Cy5 dye (for optical near-infrared imaging, NIRF) and anti-Plectin-1 antibodies (anti-Plec-1), specifically recognizing plectin-1 which is a specific biomarker for pancreatic cancer, they are excellent dual-modality targeted contrast agent for PDAC imaging.
14:00--14:30 SEMINAR 2
Speaker:Jiefei Wang(王杰菲)
Title:In Vitro Demonstration of Apoptosis Mediated Photodynamic Activity and NIR Nucleus Imaging through a Novel Porphyrin
Abstruct:I introduce a paper with the theme about tumor cell photodynamic therapy technology ,the paperreports a water-soluble porphyrinTHPP having excellenttriplet excited state quantum yields and singlet oxygengeneration efficiency. Based on the paper,wesynthetize a novel ZnTPyP nanocomposite for PANC-1 tumor cell photodynamic therap by a template-assisted method .
Location: Meeting Room 219
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