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The 4th SEMINAR of iNANO
The 4th SEMINAR of iNANO will be held on 19th,June (the next Tuesday)at 13:30---15:00,the program as following:
13:30--13:45 Safety Education
13:45--14:15 SEMINAR
Speaker: Yanjie Zhou(周燕洁)
Title: Recent progress on metal core @ semiconductor shell nanocomposites as a promising type of photocatalyst
This review is primarily focused on the applications of metal core@ semiconductor shell nanocomposites in photocatalysis, including photocatalytic nonselective processes for environmental remediation, selective organic transformations to fine chemicals.
14:20--14:50 SEMINAR
Speaker: Yuanhui Zuo(左元慧)
Title: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
With the development of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs), 2 conventional solid-state photovoltaic technologies are now challenged by devices functioning at a molecular and nanolevel. Record efficiencies of up to 12% for small cells and about 9% for minimodules, promising stability data, passing, for example, the critical 1000 h stability test at 80 ° C with a durable efficiency of 8 - 9%, and means of energy-efficient production methods have been accomplished. The prospect of low-cost investments and fabrication are key features. DSCs perform also relatively better compared with other solar cell technologies under diffuse light conditions and at higher temperatures. DSCs offer the possibilities to design solar cells with a large flexibility in shape, color, and transparency. Integration into different products opens up new commercial opportunities.
14:50--15:00 Free talk
Please present yourself on time!

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