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The 5th SEMINAR of iNANO
The 5th SEMINAR of iNANO will be held on 3rd,July (the next Tuesday)at 13:30---14:30,the program as following:
13:30--13:45 Safety Education
13:45--14:15 SEMINAR
Speaker:Junping Ma(马俊平)
Title: Mixed micelles self-assembled from block copolymers for drug delivery
Mixedmicelles self-assembled from two or more dissimilar block copolymers provide a direct and convenient approach to improve physical stability and enhance drug loading capacities of conventional polymeric micelles for drug delivery. This review is focused on the various strategies used to form and stabilize mixed micelles for drug delivery and the methodologies employed to ascertain the establishment of mixed micelle formation. In vivo evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of mixed micelles will be presented. Lastly, future perspectives for the development of mixed micelle systems for drug delivery will also be discussed.
14:15--14:30 Free talk

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