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The 6th SEMINAR of iNANO
The 6th SEMINAR of iNANO will be held on July 17 ,2012 (the next Tuesday)at 13:30---15:020,the program as following:
13:30--13:45 Safety Education
13:45--14:15 SEMINAR 1
Speaker:Jie Li (李杰)
Title: Graphene-based materials in electrochemistry
Graphene, as the fundamental 2D carbon structure with exceptionally high crystal and electronic quality, has emerged as a rapidly rising star in the field of material science. Here, I will report recent advances in the development of graphene-based materials from the standpoint of electrochemistry. To begin with, electron transfer properties of graphene will be discussed, The next major section deals with the exciting progress related to graphene-based materials in electrochemistry , for example, lithium Ion batteries and supercapacitors .Finally, prospects and further developments in this exciting field of graphene-based materials are also suggested.
14:15--14:45 SEMINAR 2
Speaker:Jie Li (李桀)
Title: Anatase TiO2 with Dominant High-Energy {001} Facets: Synthesis,Properties, and Applications
Control of the surface structure of inorganic materials, in particular titania (TiO2), by chemical processes under nonequilibrium conditions is of growing interest from scientific and utilitarian viewpoints. Titania is one of the most important materials because of its unique surface, electronic, and photocatalytic properties, which make this material applicable in many areas of science and technology ranging from adsorption, catalysis and photocatalysis to biomedicine, environmental monitoring and cleanup, energy conversion and storage, etc. Here we review the existing strategies for the synthesis of anatase TiO2 micro- and nanosheets with exposed high-energy {001} facets and for the assembly of these nanosheets into various hierarchical structures. The {001} facets are stabilized by specific capping agents (typically, fluoride), which are used to control the growth of titania crystals. The presence of high-energy facets in titania improves significantly its adsorption, electronic, and photocatalytic properties, making this material attractive for various environmental and energy-related applications.
14:45--15:00 Free talk

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