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Journey to Tumor Targeting: Engineering of Nucleic Acid-Functionalized Nanoparticals for Cancer Therapy
Time: 10:00-11:00AM,
Date: July 29th, 2013
Location: Room 219, Shi Xun Building , Tongji South Campus ( 67 Chifeng Road )
Reporter: Dr. Zeyu Xiao ( MIT-Harvard Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence, MIT, USA)
The development of targeted nanoparticles for cancer therapy has received substantial attention in recent years, while two major challenges remain. The first challenge is how to discriminate between the expression of antigens on cancer cells and normal cells, and subsequently deliver a therapeutic payload into the cancer cells. The second challenge is how to assemble targeted nanoparticles in a simple and reproducible way.My research has focused on using nucleic acid molecules to address these two challenges. In the first section of my talk, I will tell the story of using nucleic acids as targeting molecules to direct the internalization of therapeutic nanoparticles. Specifically, I designed a “cell-uptake selection” strategy to isolate a group of novel cancer-cell specific internalizing aptamers for nanoparticle-based cancer therapy and for the cancer biomarker discovery. In the second section, I will talk about using nucleic acids as building blocks to assemble targeted nanoparticles. Specifically, I designed a targeted, DNA-assembled gold nanoparticle platform, which can respond to near infrared light and release chemotherapeutics for the combinational thermo-chemo therapy.

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