Multifunctional cement-based materials

主讲人:Prof. D. D.L. Chung, (美国The State University of New York at Buffalo教授)

时间:2010年8月18日 上午9:00-10:30
地点: 同济大学南校区实训楼纳米院219会议室
Dr. Chung is National Grid Endowed Chair Professor (since 1991), Director of the Composite Materials Research Laboratory (since 1989) and Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (since 1986) in SUNY/Buffalo. She holds a Ph.D. degree (1977) in Materials Science and an S.M. degree (1975) from M.I.T., and an M.S. degree in Engineering Science (1973) and a B.S. degree in Engineering and Applied Science (1973) from California Institute of Technology. Awards received include the Charles E. Pettinos Award from the American Carbon Society (2004), Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities from SUNY (2003), Outstanding Inventor Award from SUNY (2002), Fellow conferral from American Carbon Society (2001) and ASM International (1998), "Teacher of the Year" Award from Tau Beta Pi (1993), Teetor Educational Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers (1987), Hardy Gold Medal from American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (1980), and Ladd Award from Carnegie Mellon University (1979). Her authored books include Carbon Fiber Composites (Butterworth, 1994), Composite Materials for Electronic Functions (Trans Tech, 2000), Applied Materials Science (CRC Press, 2001), Composite Materials (Springer, 2003) and Multifunctional Cement-Based Materials (Marcel Dekker, 2003). She has authored or coauthored almost 500 papers that have been published in journals. In addition, she has authored 5 encyclopedia articles and has edited two books, which include Materials for Electronic Packaging (Butterworth, 1995). Moreover, she is the inventor of 15 patents and has given over 200 invited lectures. Her research has covered many materials, including lightweight structural materials, construction materials, smart materials, electromagnetic materials, thermal management materials, electronic packaging materials, adsorption materials, battery electrode materials and solar cell materials.
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