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Title: Innovative magnetic vortex nanoring platform for biomedical application

Reporter: Hai Ming Fan School of Chemical Engineering, Northwest University, Xi’an 710069, China Email:

Inviter: Dr. Bingbo Zhang
Date&Time: 16th, Nov. 2015. 09:00 am
Location: 同济大学医学院纳米院219会议室(南校区高等技术学院大楼纳米院219室)
Superparamangetic iron oxide (SPIO) formulations have been demonstrated the great potential for various biomedical applications such as protein/cell separation, biosensor, drug delivery, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic hyperthermia treatment. However, the application of these nanoparticles for cancer diagnostics and therapy has been largely hindered by low MR detection sensitivity and low thermal conversion efficiency. Here, we show an innovative ferrimagnetic vortex-domain iron oxide nanorings (FVIO) platform which may overcome these drawbacks facing to SPIO. FVIO possesses a ferrimagnetic vortex domain structure, in which magnetization is circumferential to the ring without stray fields. This unique magnetic structure endows these FVIOs with negligible remanance and coercivity that can reduce greatly dipole-dipole interactions and enable a good colloidal stability, but much high saturation magnetization and susceptibility in comparison with SPIOs. Under the external field, FVIOs will subject to a transition from vortex state to onion state, and move along the field direction rapidly. Benefits from their unique magnetic properties, FVIO formulations have exhibited both high MR r2* relativity and high specific absorption rate (SAR). Combined with the enhanced permeability and retention effect arising from the relatively large particle size, the highly biocompatible FVIOs allows us to design high sensitively MRI contrast agent and high efficient hyperthermia agent for early-diagnostics and efficacious treatment of various types of cancers in the future.
Reportor Introduction:

樊海明,西北大学化工学院,生物工程系,教授,博导。2004年毕业于中国科学院物理所,获博士学位,师从解思深院士和邹炳锁教授。同年赴新加坡国立大学从事博士后研究,先后在新加坡南洋理工大学、爱尔兰国立大学任高级研究员职务。2011年获得陕西省“百人计划”,被聘为陕西省特聘专家。2012年获得西安高新区领军人才称号。2013年回到西北大学化工学院任教授职位。当前主要研究方向为生物医用磁性纳米材料和纳米医学,至今已发表SCI论文69篇,其中包括JACS、Adv. Mater、PRL、ACS Nano、Adv. Funct. Mater.等一流期刊论文。研究成果被SCI引用次数超过2100余次, 平均30次/每篇,引用超过100次论文4篇,50次10篇,H-index 22;著作章节二篇;多次受邀在国际国内学术会议上做专题报告。


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