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纳米医学论坛 第三讲
Title:Engineering Vascularized Bone Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration

Reporter:Dr. Yunqing Kang

Inviter:Dr. Chao Lin
        The repair and reconstruction of large musculoskeletal defects using synthetic tissue-engineered scaffolds is still extremely challenging due to insufficient vascularization. Most approaches of vascularization rely on the self-assembly of endothelial cells to form blood vessels in biodegradable scaffolds, but it rarely occurs. In our study, we developed a template-casting method to fabricate an interconnected porous bioceramic scaffold and used a cell electrochemical detachment technique to engineer a vascular network in the channeled bioceramic scaffold for vascularization. Results showed that microvascular networks robustly formed in the entire scaffold. In vivo results from nude mice showed that pre-vascularized scaffolds established significant blood flow. The success of this study advanced the development of microengineering vascular networks in a functional bone tissue construct. This is a stepping-stone to our goal: the clinic transformative application of the vascularized bioceramic scaffolds in the regeneration of craniofacial and large bone defects.
Reportor Introduction:

       Dr. Yunqing Kang is now an assistant professor in Florida Atlantic University (USA). His research background is in biomedical engineering, biomaterials and bone tissue regeneration. Over the past 5 years he have gained considerable experience in tissue engineering including tissue regeneration of craniofacial bone defects and large bone defects from the School of Dentistry, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University.


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