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Time: 2:00 PM,

Date: Dec. 12th(Wed.), 2012
Location: The Institute for Biomedical Engineering & Nano Science (iNANO), 67 Chifeng Road
Reporter: 刘庄 教授 (苏州大学功能纳米与软物质研究院)

Nanomaterials especially functional inorganic nanomaterials exhibit a range of unique inherent physical and chemical properties useful in biomedicine. Starting from 2009, our research group has been working on the development of functional nanomaterials including sp2 carbon nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes and graphene), rare earth up-conversion nanoparticles (UCNPs), and composite nanostructures for applications in multimodal biomedical imaging, drug and gene delivery, as well as novel photo-therapies of cancer. In the mean time, we have also devoted considerable efforts to investigate the biological effects and toxicology of various inorganic nanomaterials at both cellular and animal levels. In this talk, I will focus on the photo therapy applications of various functional nanomaterials, including functionalized nano-graphene, UCNPs, and their nano-composites, for in vivo multi-modal imaging-guided cancer treatment.

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Short Biography:
刘庄教授自2005年以来发表学术论文70余篇,其中2009年在苏州大学独立建立课题组后发表通信作者论文逾40篇,相当一部分成果发表于Chem Soc Rev, Angew Chem Int Ed, JACS, Nano Lett, ACS Nano, Adv Mater, Adv Funct Mater, Small, Biomaterials等化学、材料和生物材料领域的国际权威刊物上。论文总引用超过6000次,SCI ‘H-index’为32。获国家自然科学基金委优秀青年基金资助,作为课题负责人承担科技部973项目子课题一项,基金委青年项目一项。担任数个国际学术期刊客座编辑或编委,以及30余个国际主流期刊审稿人。

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