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Assessing Medical Implantable Device Durability

Time: 10:30 AM

Date:Dec. 19th( Wed.), 2012
Location: The Institute for Biomedical Engineering & Nano Science (iNANO), 67 Chifeng Road
Reporter: 龚霄雁博士 (President & CEO, Medical Implant Mechanics LLC, Aliso Viejo, CA, USA)
Fatigue, the cause of more than 80% of mechanical failures, is critical in medical implantable product development. It is no exception for medical implantable product development. A decade ago, a hard lesson was learned from peripheral stent in-vivo fractures and later their potential clinical hazards. The large percent of in-vivo stent fractures triggers the development of effective durability predictive methods from multiple directions. Among them, ASTM F04.30.06 task group formed a Fatigue to Fracture working group looked into a method that combines subcomponent fatigue tests (to fracture) and a finite element analysis based fatigue analysis. This presentation reviews the current status in developing this method and its impact to our daily practices.

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