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Meng Xu

Current school or affiliation
M.S. Stanford University, USA

Time period at iNANO
Sep,2009-Sep,2010 research assistant



A short biography
I learnt that iNano had a research assistant position for undergraduate students when I was a Junior. I really appreciated that Dr. Li gave me this opportunity and advised me with my research for more than 1 year. I have enjoyed the time I spent with my advisors and other researchers in the lab. With their help, I have obtained several academic achievements that are very helpful for my application for further study at Stanford. Even though I could not continue doing research in iNano, that one-year experience will always inspire me and build my interest and confidence in this field.

Published papers:
1. Kang Wang,Hai-Qing Dong, Hui-Yun Wen, Meng Xu, Cao Li,Yong-Yong Li, Helen N Jones,Dong-Lu Shi, Xian-Zheng Zhang, Novel vesicles self-assembled from amphiphilic star-armed PEG-polypeptide hybrid copolymers for drug delivery. Macromolecular Bioscience, 2011, 11(1), 65-71.
2. Haiqing Dong,Yongyong Li, Huiyun Wen, Meng Xu, Lijian Liu,Zhuoquan Li,Fangfang Guo,Donglu Shi* Highly Efficient Drug Delivery Nanosystem by L-Phenylalanine Triggering Based on Supramolecular Polymer Micelles., Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2011, 32, 540-545.
3. Shen AJ,Dong HQ,Wen HY, Xu M,Li YY*, Wang PJ. Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents for Tumor Targeting Imaging Prog. Chem., 2011, 23(4), 163-171.

1 李永勇, 董海青, 徐梦, 时东陆. 发明专利:对氨基酸敏感的超分子聚合物胶束药物载体的制备方法. 申请号:201010281371.3
2 董海青, 李永勇, 徐梦, 沈爱军, 温惠云, 时东陆.发明专利:用于光动力治疗的新型纳米氧化石墨烯载体. 公开号: CN102370980A
3 董海青, 李永勇, 徐梦, 赵志磊, 时东陆.发明专利:一种超分子聚合物胶束的制备新方法. 公开号:CN102241825A 4 李永勇, 温慧云, 董海青, 王康, 沈爱军, 徐梦, 一种壳层可脱落的聚合物胶束药物载体,申请号:201010283979.X

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